Good Morning America

Good Morning America,
While 60 million people are celebrating, we must also know that 60 million people are mourning. And that’s just in the USA. There is a large portion of the 122 million people in Mexico also mourning. And, in case you don’t know, Mexico is America too. Look at the map.

I woke up this morning, first thought was relief that I didn’t have to worry about the outcome of this thing anymore. And second thought was – you know, I don’t even want to listen to Hillary’s concession speech. To me isn’t about gloating over a win to me and seeing people lose.

While I cannot speak for everybody else that voted for the Trump / Pence I can speak for myself. But first I want to say that this article is not about issues, but it is about feelings and emotions. I do not want to start an argument about issues here, I recognize that we are a country of differing opinions and that we are all right on a few and wrong on a few myself included. But from a “why” and a feelings standpoint, I want to address “why” I voted for the Trump/Pence ticket.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. Instead I voted against a corrupt government that promises their people to look out for them but does just the opposite. I voted for small businesses. I voted for freedom of life for little babies. I voted for less government spending which equals less taxes and more jobs. I voted for free market healthcare because I believe that it is better for the people. I voted for a better economy for the inner cities. I voted for the possibility of better life in the inner cities – I admit I don’t know for sure if Donald will try to make good on his promise but I do know that the 16 years we’ve already had of the Clinton hasn’t delivered on their promises to make things better. I voted for the Keystone oil pipeline which means more jobs for our friends in Canada America and US America.
All throughout the primaries I was against Donald Trump. I do not agree with his stance on immigration. I will confidently say that US America would be worse off without our friends from Mexico America being here. (Mexico is America too. Look at the map.)

I want to remind our friends from Mexico America that they still do have republican friends in the US Senate, people like:
Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida
and Republican Senator John McCain from Arizona
and Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona
and Republican Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah
and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina
and Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee
and Republican Senator Dean Heller from Nevada
and Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine
and Republican Senator John Hoeven from North Dakota
and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska
all these men and women put their political career on the line and voted against their republican counterparts to pass a politically fraught immigration reform bill in 2013 that would give a path to citizenship to some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., bringing them out of the shadows and preventing continued record deportations that have separated hundreds of thousands of families. The bill passed 68 to 32, picking up all Democrats and 14 Republicans.

And also remember 2 former republican senators Mark Kirk from Illinois and Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire who lost her senate seats last night in part because they refused to side with the far right republicans on immigration who went down fighting for you and other Mexican American friends. They were among your 14 republican senator friends who sided with the democrats to make your lives better, and they lost their senate seat for it.

In order for Donald Trump to enact his immigration policies he needs support from the senate. There are 100 senators, and only 54 of them are republican. And 10 of those republicans have already fought for Mexicans, this leaves only 44 remaining which is NOT a majority. And of those 44 there could be more friends that I am unaware of.

Personally, I hope that Marco Rubio will be president after Donald Trump. I also think he would have been a better choice that Donald Trump. But we did not have that option yesterday and had to choose from the options we did have.
And, to my Mexican friends, I know that it looks unhopeful right now. But I want you to know that all of America is not against you. And all those that voted for Donald Trump are not against you. I’m sure that some are, this is a wicked and hateful world we live in, but there are many Trump supporters who love you as I do. What would we have to offer to you if we allow the country to deteriorate? So we voted for Donald Trump for the reasons outlined above, and then plan to roll up our sleeves and fight him for you on immigration.

We do need immigration reform badly. We need to make it easy for our friends to come in and out as they please. Personally, I think all that we need to do is have a system in place to just make sure those coming into USA are friends and not foe. There are some people coming here to cause harm. But 95% of the people coming from Mexico are friends. It is sad that right now and for the last many many years that you have to sneak in and then fear deportation. I hope this changes.
Again. I do not want to start an argument about issues here, I recognize that we are a country of differing opinions and that we are all right on a few and wrong on a few myself included. But from a “why” and a feelings standpoint, I wanted to address “why” I voted for the Trump/Pence ticket.

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